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Referents in the dentistry sector, at Dental Icaria we care about the oral health of the whole family. We solve any type of problem, regardless of age. And we make it as easy as possible to pay with an interesting system of terms. We have a team of experienced and dynamic professionals who offer you a close and personalized treatment. In addition, we have the latest technical advances in the sector and modern machinery to successfully develop our work.


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The Clinic

Our center is a private entity founded in 1992. Since then, at Dental Icaria we have developed an extraordinary work and we are leaders in the dentistry sector. We have a team of dynamic and experienced professionals, who will give a full response to your needs. We guarantee it. It is our wish that through this page we have the pleasure of knowing you. We want to put at your disposal the technological and human means so that you and yours enjoy an excellent oral-dental health.

Some of our tools are:

– Dental diode laser (Ezlase).

– Digital radiography.

– Intraoral camera.

Also, at Dental Icaria S.L. We do not want money to be an impediment to solving your dental problems. Therefore, we work with a system of deferred payments and financing modalities to suit you, from three months to five years. The important thing is your health.

Our advantages

Top quality at a good price. We do everything we can to make a movie smile appear.

At Dental Icaria we care about the oral health of the whole family.

From childhood, to the problems of the elderly. Thanks to the joint work of our qualified specialists, we have a large number of treatments to solve any type of dental problem at any age.

The coordination between our team of specialists plus the technical advances we have, guarantee the quality of our work. At attractive and affordable prices.


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