In the Icaria Dental Clinic we distinguish ourselves by offering the best and most innovative technology at the service of our patients with the quality and precision offered by the technological advances of the dental sector.


The Ezlase is a diode laser whose wavelength is better absorbed by hemoglobin and oxyhemoglobin, efficiently cutting tissue without the need for high power and less heat.

The dental diode laser reduces considerably the time of laser action, avoiding the pain produced by the accumulation of heat in the area.

We use the energy of the diode laser in the following treatments:

Endodontics, pulpotomy (removal of the dental nerve), periodontics (deep dental hygiene) and gingivectomy due to its great capacity for disinfection.

Frenectomy, electrosurgery, elimination of aphthae – herpes and taking biopsies, guaranteeing a postoperative without sutures or pain.

Biostimulation (TMJ pain), elimination of tooth sensitivity and dental whitening, due to its great effectiveness.


Digital radiovisiography gives us a perfect image quality instantly and with minimal radiation.

Likewise, we have software for the treatment of images that allows us to optimize digital information both in the diagnosis and in the planning of our cases.


The intraoral video camera helps us share with our patients a faithful and accurate view of the state of their dental anatomy.

On the other hand, it allows us to detect and make visible the most minute details, helping us to make a clear and precise diagnosis.


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