At the Icaria Dental Clinic we take care of your oral-dental health:

  • This treatment can be done both in the consultation and at home and consists of clarifying the tone of the teeth.
  • It is not a permanent treatment and reminders must be made to maintain the desired color.
  • Our professionals will perform periodic check-ups to keep your teeth looking the way you want, because teeth are a fundamental element that symbolize three virtues: health, hygiene and beauty.
  • Our teeth whitening treatments are painless, fast, safe, economical and with immediate results.
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There are several whitening methods:

  • The diode laser is a fast and effective way to get a whiter and more natural color of your teeth in a session.
  • Cold light is a very widespread technique in the United States, it clears teeth several shades in a single session without dental sensitivity problems.
  • Ferulas and dental whitening gel to perform at home, this technique has to be supervised by the specialist.
  • Your dentist will tell you every few months how to perform your dental hygiene


The irregularities and dark teeth can be corrected thanks to the placement of a porcelain, zirconium or composite veneer, which adheres perfectly giving the tooth the desired color and shape.


The irregularities and dark teeth can be corrected thanks to the branch of dentistry that deals with solving problems such as stains on the teeth, wear, interdental spaces, fractures, irregular teeth and also replace metallic fillings with esthetics (composite ).

Increasingly, our patients want a perfect white mouth, improve the oral image that is becoming more important in our society.

We will help you to return to your mouth the best possible aspect and strengthen your self-esteem, seeking harmony and aesthetics, therefore, not only we look at your teeth but in the whole of your mouth that contemplates teeth, gums and lips.


The radiofrequency is the ideal tool to correct wrinkles, skin smoothing and stability with effective non-invasive results, causing a rejuvenation in the skin.

Radiofrequency naturally stimulates the physiological process of tissue metabolism from the inside and improves arterial flow and venous lymphatic drainage.

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